The Book Of Mormon Review

The Book of Mormon

‘One of the funniest shows I have ever seen’ – 


Brought to you by the creators of South Park, this comedy musical pushes the boundries of theatre and general rudeness. This risque show offers something for everyone from the traditional theatre goers to the casual comedy fan. 


The Plot

We follow two mormons fresh out of of missionary school, elder Cunningham and elder Price as they are unexpectedly sent to Uganda instead of the more glamourous locations around the world they had been hoping for. We see the attempt to bring the message of the church of the latter day saints to the war lord ruled country. 

Elder Price has waited his entire life for this moment and is excited to do what his life has been leading up to in this moment. Elder Cunningham is less sure of himself and is desperate for friendship. The poverty (and aids) that are rife in thier new home pose serious challenges and question thier faith in the process. 

The Numbers

Act 1

Act 2

Our Review

With the hype around this show and the team behind the show we had high expectations. Luckily we werent disappointed. This truly was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. 

The songs have all the usual gusto you would expect from a west end show and don’t suffer as could be expected from a show which is designed to shock and lightly offend. 

This show has been such a success that  there is already a cult (almost literally!) following for this show. You can expect to be surrounded by people in a shirt and tie with a name badge as in the show. 

This show is not for the faint hearted, easily offended or children. These is a large amount of bad language in the show often over the top and for the sake of it. There is also a ton of overtly sexual content. You have been warned but if you have seen Trey Parkers other works this should come as no surprise.  They can get away with it as its so over the top and tounge in cheek a to the point of ridiculousness. 

It would have been easy for the cast to get overshadowed by the content of this show but they manage to put in outstanding performances in thier own right. 

Elder Cunningham played by the wonderful Conner Peirson is a particular stand out ableing taking over from the original broadway performance by Josh Gad. Ewen Cummins as Mafala Hatimbi also gives a strong performance with both comedic and a vocal performance to be proud of. 

If there is one criticism its that at times the joke can be a bit over played and some people may find the shock factor a tad tiresome. I however enjoyed the show throughout and could not recommend it more. 

Reviewer Sarah – 2020

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